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Ceramic /pottery studio

Book a a Bisqueware painting class for the whole family or make something from scratch in clay. No experience necessary. Well known pottery teacher Lynette will guide you step by step. Perfect holiday entertainment  

555 Clarence road 


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KidsCan! After Care Centre

Charity organisation
After Care facility for children 

082 974 2155
P.O.Box 460 Pringle Bay 


Lynette Morris-Hale creative ceramics

Whether you are an experienced ceramicist or a first-time dabbler in all things clay, Lynette Morris-Hale’s pottery classes are an excellent way to spend a day. Lynette has won awards for her beautiful pieces, and keeps her lessons fun and dynamic. This allows her student to express themselves and create beautiful pieces using only their hands and the malleable clay.
Before moving to Pringle Bay, Lynette had a ceramic studio in Durban and was the chairperson of the KwaZulu-Natal Ceramic Association. With years of experience in teaching and creating gorgeous pottery pieces, Lynette is amply qualified to teach students of all abilities, from the ages of 6 years and older.
Lessons are flexible and creative. This means that students could make a wide variety of things during their time in the studio – from soap dishes and bowls to animal or human forms. You may even paint a mug or a plate. Visitors that have a few of their own ideas can discuss these with Lynette and possibly incorporate them into the classes.

083 540 4349


Maureen Graham

Through my painting I celebrate God’s beautiful creation. Water colour is my medium. It is translucent and challenging to work with. When I am painting I am lost in the wonder of colours as they merge, move and bring life to something of the splendor that surrounds us.  

028 273 8172

1291 Edward Road Pringle Bay 7196 


Paintings from the Heart

Oil paintings with palet knife only 

082 462 3409



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Outdoor adventures for children, sewing, woodwork, yoga, cooking, music and dance 

High level road 


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