Pringle Bay Hiking

Brodie Link Trail

Trail distance: 3km

Estimated time: 1 – 2 hours

The start is approximately halfway along the old jeep track that runs from the Eastern end of Caesar Road to the R44. Cars can be left at either end of the jeep track. The track winds its way up the hill and not long after you reach the top, it meets another trail at a T-junction. The right hand fork takes you up a short but fairly steep section to two view sites. The left fork at the T-junction follows down towards Betty’s Bay with lovely views across the bay to Hermanus. The trail curves to the right and returns to the original trail just below the two view sites.

Old Coastal Gravel Road

Estimated time: 1 hour each way

This walk takes you from Pringle Bay to Rooiels.

There are locked gates at both ends with pedestrian access at each as the land on both sides of the road is privately owned. The easiest approach is the gate just off the R44 (Clarence Drive) just before the Pringle Bay turn off.

The Lighthouse Trail

Estimated time: 1-2 hours

Beautiful Beaches, Lighthouse

This is one of the two trails starting either side of Maasbaai slipway which is along the gravel Hangklip Road. Start from the beach immediately to the right of the slipway; walk west round the coast and the lighthouse. After passing the lighthouse you will come to two very beautiful beaches, the first being Kleinbaai and the second, which has a couple of houses built close to the beach, is Grootbaai or Moonlight Bay. The trail ends here and the return can be via a shortcut through the dunes halfway along the beach.

The Sea Farm Trail

Trail distance: 3km

Estimated time: 2-4 hours

Beautiful Beaches, rock scrambling

Starting from the other side of the Maasbaai slipway (to the left) you will traverse a number of beaches with rocky outcrops in between which will require a bit of scrambling. The well-defined trail only starts when you reach Sea Farm where the owners have generously provided the trail. There are a few rough spots that require care to be exercised. There is a further 1 km long beach on the far side of Sea Farm called Doringbaai where it is recommended that you keep your shoes on because it is not called Doringbaai for nothing. The trail then leads over a wide rocky promontory called Aasbank at the end of which is the 3 km Silversands Beach where the trail ends.


Estimated time: 3.5 hours

Strenuous walk

The entrance gate is located just before the northern end of Clarence Drive, shortly before it joins up with the top of Stream Road. From the gate the trail follows the stream up the valley and after approximately 1.5 kilometers the trail turns off to the right. From there the trail snakes its way up to the top of Hangklip Mountain. The same trail is used to return to Pringle Bay. It is not recommended to attempt this trail in strong winds.



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