WhatsApp Groups

Group and number to message to be added.

Pringle Bay Village – Message 082 880-6164
The group is to link in with the Facebook group and website


  • Pringle Bay Village group has been setup to
  • promote Pringle Bay and what is happening
  • It is about community and post should be to the benefit of the community
  • the group is to promote local business but in a personal manner

PB Good News – Message 076 784-0264
General group for anything in Pringle Bay
Baboon Alerts – Message 076 784-0264

  • The group is about alerting the Baboon Monitors of where the baboons are.
  • Baboon Related messages only.

PraBoons (Baboon Group) – Message 082 892 0236

  • So the idea of the group is to encourage conversation about the baboons – from whatever point of view. Mutual respect is paramount and anyone talking about non baboon matters will be banished from the troop.
  • And it would be good if those other people who offered their opinions of baboons alerts were encouraged to join.

Sunday Plankies Social – Message 083 265-9121
Christian Followers – Message 072 909-4576
911 Emergency only – Message 084 644-4144

  • The group is for emergency only.
    This is when you in trouble as in theft, fire, murder emergency. Not I have no water or power or my car will not start.

1. The group exists as a communication platform for all GENUINE safety or security related incident. This relates to crime and potentially life threatening incidents within Pringle Bay.
2. Mistakes happen and especially with a large group. If a member posts a message by mistake, DO NOT RESPOND.
3. This is not a general information or social platform. Please get yourself added to the Pringle Bay Facebook or Whatsapp groups and post all non safety and security emergency questions or information on those groups.
The fact that you are not a member of one of those groups does not excuse you for posting non emergency info on this platform
4. If you ignore or disregard the ground rules, you will be automatically removed after one warning – no arguments or exceptions.
5. If you abuse any other member of the group you will be immediately removed.
We live in a beautiful town and are here to support each other on this group. Let’s respect each other and the purpose of this group.
Thanking you for your cooperation to make this initiative work
Street Watch Areas
Pringy Bees – Message 082 979-4909

  • Pringy is for Pringle Bay. However anyone can join from anywhere, even the Galapagos.
  • Bees is for nature. Meaning anything to do with animals, pets or wild, plants, including trees, flowers, orchids etc.
  • Exchanging of ideas, tips, know how, suggestions etc.
  • Sell and buy items described above.
  • It is not for selling or buying cars, furniture, electrical appliances and so on unless it is related to the above description.
  • Anyone contravening these rules should and can be warned by any member.


Pringle Bay – Networking – 082 969-6433

  • This group is for anybody that wants to advertise their business; classes – (yoga, art, dance, healing etc); workshops; menus for the day; etc
  • Please invite anybody that have something to offer and wants to advertise, to join.


Some Rules that apply to all Groups:
1: Use common sense. Observe the initial reason why the group was set up in the first place. If it is for work purposes, keep it to that. Not everyone appreciates prayers and not everyone has the same sense of humor as you.
2: Be aware of time. There are very few instances that warrant sending a message at inappropriate times of the day. Telling someone that you have a sick pet is unacceptable. Telling the group about something on in PB is acceptable.Doing this at 2.30am is not.
3: Do not argue over petty issues.
4: Know the definition of a group. Do not only constantly refer to one person, as this does not fit the definition of the word “group”.
Saying thank you for a communication is not relevant to the group.
Send a personal message to someone to thank them.
5: For the love of all things good, do not post those lame forwarded messages. “Forward this message to 10 people within three minutes and you will see: absolutely nothing will happen.”
6: Repeat rule number one.

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