Thank you Perigators

Thank you Perigators

Perigators close thier doors with a final goodbye party.

Last night saw the last of Perigators with a party that was attended by many. Just the turnout showed the respect and thanks that everyone has for Perigators, the staff and Ali. People came from all over to express thier thanks for what has been there for 8 years.
Not only did Perigators have the best pizza in the world but was the draw card of entertainment in the area. I think many artists can be thankful for the platform that Perigators gave them in the start of their careers.
Going to Perigators was always like arriving home. Being greeted by all and if you had not been there for a while it was like the lost family member coming home. Ali, Gysie and all the staff made it this special place. The loss of this iconic business is a loss to the Pringle Bay community. So many other business have benefited from the what has been there. With the shows many people may not have eaten at Perigators but gone to another restaurant before or after. At closing time people moved onto another pub or bar.
The Pringle Bay Festival saw another aspect of Perigators with providing the Entertainment tent over the past 3 years. This always brought the music to the festival an important aspect of the village.
Thank you Ali for what you have brought to the community over the past years and for an exceptional business. Thank you to all the staff of Perigators. We going to miss you.

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