Save our Whale.

Please help us save our Whale. The whale carcass has washed up again on our rocks. Alison Evans has applied for a permit so that she can have the bones to later reconstruct a whale skeleton in Pringle Bay to serve as both a tourist attraction and an educational display, which will be good for Pringle as a community.

Someone has already taken something from the Whale in a black bag – if enough people do this, we won’t be able to take on this task… so as a community, we are asking if you could all act as patrol people and keep an eye out and help us protect what is left – the beach is the best place for the process to begin – so ideally he needs to stay there for as long as possible.

Should you see anyone fiddling, please feel free to phone Alison on 082 650 3690 or please approach them and appeal to their sense of decency and ask them to leave it be.

We will remove the bones as soon as is possilbe.

Thanks a million

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